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Northern legislators form “Yank...

The upcoming 2009 fiscal session of the Louisiana legislature, which opens at noon on April 27, promises to be as...

Northern legislators form “Yankee caucus,” will file “the coast is toast” amendment shifting coastline to BR!
posted on: Mar 31, 2009 | author: Admin

Louisiana fish, cat food and related ...

One result of this cockamamie use of wild fishery protein, says Greenberg, is that the average American cat eats more fish per year than the average child on the African continent!

Louisiana fish, cat food and related issues.
posted on: Mar 31, 2009 | author: Admin

Distinguished dissenter on the implic...

“That is of course just nonsense,” Dyson said calmly. “With Katrina, all the damage was due to the fact that nobody had taken the trouble to build adequate dikes. To point to Katrina and make any clear connection to global warming is very misleading.”

Distinguished dissenter on the implications of climate change
posted on: Mar 30, 2009 | author: Admin

Marsh madness!

  Forgive me but I just had to use this title before the end of the month!   I call your attention to several new...

Marsh madness!
posted on: Mar 29, 2009 | author: Admin

Spanish Lake basin faces dual threats...

For many years I have argued that Bayou Manchac could and should be reconnected to the river and that a spring pulse of river water should once more be allowed to flow eastward toward Lake Maurepas, flushing and rejuvenating the now stagnant watercourse. The cost of this reconnection should be funded under a truly comprehensive coastal sustainability program.

Spanish Lake basin faces dual threats of drainage and BR loop tollway: coastal implications ignored.
posted on: Mar 28, 2009 | author: Admin

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