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An optimistic coastal post for Christmas



(graphic courtesy of Wayne Keller)

(graphic courtesy of Wayne Keller)

I’m not religious but I cherish Christmas for lots of reasons, including smiles from strangers passing on the sidewalk.  Cards and emails and phone calls have reminded me that I’m part of an extended family of people who care passionately about their surroundings and who spend a serious part of their time trying to make things better.  This caring, optimistic spirit was epitomized by the hosts and guests at the Winter Solstice gathering at the uptown New Orleans home of Mark and Susan Davis Tuesday evening.  

Since initiating this blog I’ve learned to appreciate and be inspired by folks a lot younger than I.  The unprecedented enthusiasm generated during the presidential campaign seems to have been largely driven by the twenty-something generation but for some reason I have not felt the least bit estranged by the age difference.  I have new-found optimism about future leadership on issues of global import – including the world’s deltas and our beloved coast.

In a year that I found uniquely rich in hope and inspiration this morning I spent four minutes absorbing one of the most hopeful and inspiring messages that I’ve seen in all of 2008.  If the unbridled enthusiasm of Damon Weaver, the ten-year-old Floridean in this video, doesn’t make your holiday season and your view of the future year brighter, than you and the pre-Christmas Ebenezer Scrooge have a lot in common!

Len Bahr

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