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Americans for Posterity. In your face, David Koch.


Five cousins

by Len Bahr, Ph.D.

Anthropologists have identified at least two human subspecies that coexisted with and even interbred with our forebears within the last 30,000 and 12,000 years, respectively. These cousins, alas no longer with us, were the large boned, cold natured northern European Homo neanderthalensis and the hobbit-sized Homo floresiensis.

In addition to these two extinct forms I hereby claim to have identified two extant human cousins, one based on amazing physical attributes and one on perverse anti-social personality traits.

First, I see an apparent subspecies of superhumans distinguished by virtue of their unprecedented athletic prowess…strength, coordination, agility, balance and flexibility comparable to our arboreal primate cousins, such as Gibbons, that are far more comfortable aloft than on the ground. Members of this elite clan have been on vivid display during the London Summer Olympics gymnastic competition.

At the other end of the spectrum I see a subspecies of subhumans distinguished by ideology rather than physical attributes, a clan of non-kindred spirits with perverse anti-social beliefs. This aberrant group has become an aging white political cult during this hyper political year, the me generation tea party. This subspecies is characterized by an unprecedented level of selfishness and greed, which is the primary subject of this post.

   Prosperity and greed

‘Prosperity’ is defined by Wikipedia as the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and/or successful social status. These descriptors of ‘achievement’ may help Donald Trump get up in the morning but they sure don’t float my boat. Whenever I encounter a Hummer on the highway I wonder why the driver isn’t ashamed, rather than proud. Different strokes, I suppose.

On March 12 I posted a critical essay about a former acquaintance from Baton Rouge named Philip Ellender, grandson of the late Louisiana Congressman Allen Ellender. Phillip has unfortunately crossed over to the environmental dark side, becoming a professional shill for Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas, the second largest private company in America. In 2004 David Koch created the deep-pocketed lobbying organization known as Americans for Prosperity (AFP), that was described as follows by Wikipedia:

AFP is a Washington D.C.–based political advocacy group…that promotes pro-business economic policy and opposes government regulation. AFP was a major supporter of Republican candidates in the 2010 election cycle and is heavily involved in political activities aimed at reducing regulation of the oil and gas industry.

In a March 2 story on the political influence of the Koch brothers in, David Weigel wrote:

…David (Koch) has found tremendous success with Americans for Prosperity, which in the Tea Party era evolved into one of the most powerful conservative organizations in electoral politics. (It has spent seven figures so far this year on TV ads against Barack Obama.) Draw your conclusions.

I’m struck by the fact that David Koch, a 71 year old highly educated Libertarian, would use as facile a slogan as Americans for Prosperity as an organizing principle around which to rally a political cause. Preaching prosperity amounts to promoting the personal gratification of a minority of elite Americans.

AFP exemplifies the class warfare mentality for which conservatives accuse progressives, competition not just with the living but with future folks. The leaders of Americans for Prosperity stand unapologetically for the acquisition of material wealth and the utter disregard for future generations.

Americans for Posterity

While cogitating about the implications of David Koch’s ugly slogan Americans for Prosperity the rhyming term, ‘posterity’ flashed into my mind. Posterity is best symbolized by the traditional Native American belief in the need to care for Mother Earth so as sustain seven generations into the future…environmental stewardship, selflessness, empathy, social welfare, and so on. At any rate I have not been able to stop thinking about the slogan Americans for Posterity.
So saying I invested $103 to purchase the domain names Americans for; Americans for; and Americans for I don’t have a clue what to do with these domains, however.
During the remaining 98 days leading up to the election I’d like to share this tiny investment in the official name Americans for Posterity (AFP2) as a token to counter the anti-coastal message of the Koch Bro’s. If anyone out there is interested in exploring the creative uses of this alternative slogan to thumb ones nose at David Koch by all means let me know.
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  18. “The Americans for Posterity” is passed tense for the Koch Brothers as their combined worth exceeds 50 billion dollars. The group is exclusionary in nature, and constantly seeks to inhibit progress for most Americans. To add insult to injury, their father was a prime supporter of the John Birch Society, a mid 20th Century hate group that sought to divide the country along Joe McCarthy-like lines.

    This is a family that undermines the dignity of America’s labor force at every turn, and if they had their druthers: would take us back to pre-slavery days. They’re not “Americans for Posterity,” that the big lie! They’re the “Koch Brothers for Posterity,” and a vote for anything they stand for, is a vote against yourself. They despise the working class and would prefer that all the amenities of the good life be bestowed upon them, and only them.

    Wake up to the sham that’s perpetrated by the Koch Boys. Read between the lines, and most importantly vote your own interests, not theirs!

  19. Ben Taylor says:

    I hope that the Kochs and others of their ilk who have worked to manipulate the public’s perceptions of global warming (and science in general) eventually have the tables turned on them. Wouldn’t it be something if an American public beset with persistant drought and heat waves that wreck agricultural economies and the general sense of well being begin to focus their popular ire on these characters?

  20. Your new website definitely needs an interactive webmap ;)

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