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Ruination Day II — Rise of ‘The Great Separator’

Divided States of America

Divided States of America (unnamed graphic source from Google search)

by Len Bahr, Ph.D.

It’s impossible to adequately describe the dismay in our household triggered by the daily litany of gaffes, gloats, lies, threats, and careless, clueless, and classless comments spewing from the mouth and itchy tweeter finger of POTUS-elect Donald J. Trump. During this pre-inaugural period, when common sense would suggest the need for Mr. Trump to extend at least a symbolic handshake and smile to the majority of Hillary voters, he remains in full campaign mode – bellicose, vindictive, self-congratulatory — and not in the least bit conciliatory. The implications of his victory to coastal Louisiana are just now sinking in, as shown, for example by this editorial by Keith Magill in the Daily Comet, which is published in Thibodaux, LA, near ground zero for global warming.

One of my favorite singer/songwriters is Gillian Welch, whose album Time the Revelator includes a song that memorializes April 14 as ‘Ruination Day.’ On that day in 1865 Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.* In an interview with Julia Wick, Ms.Welch cited the inspiration for the title Ruination Day as the day when the Great Emancipator took a bullet to the head. The word ‘ruination’ becomes even more ironic if it is hyphenated to read ‘ruin-nation.’

November 8 is five months and 6 days shy of April 14 but I believe that the consequences of the recent election are potentially as damaging to our nation as was Lincoln’s murder. The analogous vacuum in American leadership is happening as a consequence of the actions of a contemporary actor/showman just as misguided, bigoted, and hate-filled as was John Wilkes Booth.

Our nation recovered before and it will presumably recover again, although in 1865 there were just over 1 billion folks competing for resources on Mother Earth. There are now 7.4 billion of us, with at least one quarter lacking basic health care, education, clean water and adequate nourishment for their stomachs and their minds.

The unrest caused by overpopulation, unequal resource distribution, and global warming is triggering nationalism, terrorism, and the largest refugee crisis since WWII. I can’t imagine anyone more profoundly unprepared than the Donald to become the most powerful figure in our increasingly unstable world. This instability fueled his campaign to pit his brand of ‘loyal’ Americans against the rest of us. Thus a celebrity realtor, salesman and con man emerged as POTUS-elect.

The devastating civil war in Syria was likely triggered by hunger resulting from successive years of drought and crop failure. According to this article in, rising sea level in the delta complex of Bangladesh is being blamed for girls marrying at a younger age.

To think that the United States faces at least four years of rule by a fool, who has no comprehension of the social and ecological, non-monetary value of global resources, is truly terrifying. D.J. Trump’s prospective unfettered power and his notorious reputation as a divider, not a uniter suggests that history may prove November 8, 2016 to have been Ruin-nation Day II. Will a future songwriter pen lyrics to a song about the rise of the Great Separator?

*In addition, on that day in 1912 the Titanic struck the fateful iceberg and on that day in 1935 the worst dust storm in U.S. history literally suffocated a number of what have become the reddest states in the Union.


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  1. Walt Sikora says:

    Len, when are you ever going to get real, and realize that your leftist-liberal views are out to lunch? Your statement “unequal resource distribution, and global warming is triggering nationalism, terrorism…” is a bit on the illusory side of reality. Sixteen of the 19 highjackers responsible for 9-11 attack were from Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries per capita in the world. These criminals were all affiliated with al-Qaeda, as you well know, is a militant Sunni Islamist multi-national organization founded in 1988. But you already should know that, and further, among the beliefs ascribed to al-Qaeda members is the conviction that a Christian-Jewish alliance is conspiring to destroy Islam, not any concern about “unequal resource distribution” or global warming, an idea that is pure liberal hokum. Al-Qaeda ideologues envision a complete break from ALL foreign influences in Muslim countries, and the creation of a new caliphate ruling over the entire Muslim world, period.

    The roots of present-day terrorism are firmly planted in misguided, paranoid religious zealotry and extremism, much of which can be traced back to Haj Amin Al Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem who forged a pack with Adolf Hitler on November 28, 1941, “and issued Arabic language appeals on Nazi radio which incited Moslems to join the Nazi cause and to prepare for mass murder of Jews in Palestine”.

    AS far as the devastating civil war in Syria being triggered by hunger and crop failure. I seem to remember that it began as part of the “Arab Spring”. The Syrian civil war grew out of a popular uprising against the regime of Bashir al-Assad. “The brutal response of the security forces against initially peaceful protests demanding democratic reform and end of repression triggered a violent reaction. An armed rebellion to the regime soon took hold across Syria, dragging the country into a full-scale civil war.” which can rightly be called a sectarian conflict*

    By the end of 2011, Syria slid into an intractable civil war with most of the Alawite Muslim religious minority siding with President Assad and most of the Sunni minority supporting the rebels. Both camps had outside backers, with Russia supporting the Assad regime and Saudi Arabia supporting the rebels, which also included a fairly large number of Sunni terrorists from al-Qaeda, and the nascent terrorist abomination that came to be known as ISIS, a situation that precluded any U.S. aid or involvement. So no, the Syrian civil war was not “likely triggered by hunger resulting from successive years of drought and crop failure” as your leftist-liberal hokum would suggest. The terrible conditions that exist in Syria now, were caused by the civil war and prolonged Russia’s backing of the Assad regime.

    Why don’t you liberal cry baby weenies stop crying into your beers and do something constructive like joining the Union of Concerned Scientists which has organized a campaign to deny Senate confirmation to Scott Pruitt, the Trumpenstein’s pick for EPA chief, and who is a harsh foe of pollution regulation and a climate change denier. See:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Then stop the dismay, relax, sit back, and let this guy do the heavy lifting for you –

    C.W. Cannon, Contributing writer

    • Trump’s never done any heavy lifting in 70 years.

      • Anonymous says:

        Based on the panic out of the Greens, any lifting Trump does will be too much.

        But I was not thinking of Trump, but that you should let CW Cannon do the lifting against Trump.

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