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The iconic Fleur de lis has come to symbolize all that is unique and rich and beautiful about our state.

Wikipedia describes the significance of the Fleur de lis to Acadia as follows:

“…The Acadiana[k] region and various cities in southern Louisiana, such as Lafayette, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, also use the fleur-de-lis. On 9 July 2008, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill into law making the fleur-de-lis an official symbol of the state.

It (the Fleur de lis) is also used in several places whose name came from one of the French King Louis: amongst them, the flag of Louisville, Kentucky and St. Louis, Missouri where the three-petalled symbol also denotes the convergence of three rivers (the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois).”

With the latter analogy in mind we note that, since the three upper “petals” of the Fleur de lis have already been suggested to symbolize tributaries converging to a delta, the three lower “petals” could symbolize Mississippi River distributaries diverging into the Gulf of Mexico. Drawings copied from scratches in 2,000 year old stones discovered in Kentucky show ancient depiction of the river system.

Taking the above information into account, our logo evolved from various roots of the Fleur de lis, symbols of the Mississippi River system and the Louisiana iris, an iconic freshwater marsh plant. It features a damaged Fleur de lis, with a significant lower portion missing.  Obviously this symbolizes the continuing loss of landscape, but it also symbolizes the potential loss of the truly unique natural history, culture and quality of life of South Louisiana.


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